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"You are a healer: you have a God-given gift to help people with 'path adjusting.'

You mix academic and spirit teaching and channel it to other people.

You can trust your intuition; your intuition is very reliable.

You have the ability of 'auric healing.'

You have a high calling; You are a born counselor."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic BOBBY DRINNON, INTUITIVE - January 13, 1984

"If you are interested in being a whole functioning Human Being, then you must start working with David Kohlhagen. David's gift for healing is unsurpassed. There are no gimmicks, or tricks. David understands how our minds work, trying to protect us with a lot of bad habits, and he guides us to unlearn the misunderstandings that are holding us back in adulthood. I'm a teacher and one of the most helpful things I learned that I use in my classrooms every day, is to understand how powerfully the words we use affect ourselves and others. Working with David was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic ELIZABETH PETERSEN

"After struggling in vain for years to overcome a lifelong history of so much pain, anxiety and confusion, today I am filled with relief knowing that David Kohlhagen is in my corner. I truly wish everyone could experience this feeling. He has made more of a difference in four months time than all the other professionals I've encountered in over twenty years of treatment and personal work, even though they tried their best. David quickly made a strong connection with me, identified my deepest unresolved issues, and showed me that there is something much more powerful than hope. I know confidently that the path I'm on is the path of real and complete healing. He helped me find the key to helping myself for a lifetime."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic NICOLE

"David Kohlhagen and I accomplished in four hours of therapy what I had not been able to get done in my previous 20 years of therapy, and in seven years of attending 12-step meetings. In four hours with David I achieved the breakthrough in self-acceptance that I'm confident will get me through any challenges to my complete happiness in the future. I can now see and understand my life in a new and empowering way that is very freeing. I am very grateful and I know I can call him again if I need help down the road."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic JOHN M.

"My three previous therapists helped me as far as they could, but it was David who finally got to the heart of my issues and helped me resolve them. David is the best: he is the definitive therapist. He gets my highest praise."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic ANDREA

"I received more insight and help from David in my first two sessions than I ever got from the previous year of therapy with the talk therapist I had been seeing."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic MARK

"In two sessions David laid out my life history for me in plain language, shed light on my interpersonal dynamics in a way I'd never noticed or seen before, identified my unresolved issues, needs, and life goals with such total clarity that made it all so obvious and understandable that I wondered why I had never noticed it myself. He accomplished in two sessions what three previous professionals never had done, and he's done a great deal more with me since then. He is very gifted and his work is amazing, super insightful, absolutely on target, and totally healing."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic STEPHEN

"I have to say that I was very impressed with David and what he was able to accomplish with me in only two counseling/hypnotherapy sessions of two hours each. When I first decided to speak with a counselor I was concerned that the process would involve an extended period of time, perhaps many months or longer and possibly cost thousands of dollars. This is why I was so relieved when we were able to resolve my issue in only two sessions. I also very much enjoyed and appreciated David's ability to consider the spiritual issues that were an important part of what was troubling me. I have been studying spirituality for quite a while and David not only reinforced many of the concepts and principles that I have been studying over the years, he caused me to experience them. I would highly recommend David's deep and rapid work to anyone."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic LEONARD DANE

"After two years of weekly treatment, my previous therapist pronounced me cured, but I knew he was wrong. He just couldn't take me any farther. David was like the 'closer.' He helped me identify and work my issues through until they were resolved. I can't recommend him any more highly. He's simply the best there is."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic THERESA

"When I first walked into David's office on July 3, 2009 I was very desperate. I thought my desperation was all about saving my marriage, which was a disaster of severe alcoholism, codependence and infidelity. I had no idea what was in store for me that day, but I am so glad that I took the journey and had faith that with David's help I could get where I needed to be. I learned that day that I had long-forgotten memories from a history of sexual abuse when I was seven. I have learned, with David's help that making me forget about this abuse was my mind's way of getting me through a painful time that I may not have been able to get through otherwise. I only became ready and able to deal with it as an adult. David has helped me to realize that I am a strong and independent woman and a good mother. He has helped me to eradicate the negative effects of my past, including all my shortcomings, all my shame and blame and guilt, so that now I am free of all of that and I genuinely love and value myself. I am no longer the frightened, frail woman who first walked into his office, afraid that a husband who was not good enough for me might leave. I am now a woman who can stand up for myself and I can work through my own feelings and emotions without becoming overwhelmed. There is nothing I am afraid to know or to face."

"I will forever be grateful for the time and patience David has given me. He not only took me on as a client, he treated me as a friend."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic TAMMY MORGAN

"David has helped me unpack all the traumatic events of my life along with my negative conscious and subconscious beliefs about them. Through our work the trauma has begun to dissolve into nothingness. The result is that I can live each day as brand new, free from the trauma of the past. Now my emotional operating system is made up mostly of peace and centeredness rather than fear and anxiety. David showed me how to let go of all the guilt, blame and shame that stood between me and my peace of mind. I have learned how to value myself and be okay in spite of all that I've been through. I am now confident that no matter what traumatic events have happened or might happen in the future I can be at peace."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic JO ALLEN SMITH

"Tranceformation indeed! It is one thing to say that David Kohlhagen has helped me to heal a range of different maladies, it is another to say that he taught me to learn the complex but very learnable language of the subconscious mind which enables me to heal my own maladies. Our subconscious mind is the single most valuable tool we have at our disposal because it is the most essential ingredient for living the life we desire - Force of Habit is the guidebook for how to use this tool. David's Tranceformation sessions were not only successful in shaping my new habits of mind, body and behavior, and giving them momentum, but in 1998, he also helped me reshape my broken neck in less than a month! I recommend his book, his practice, and his extraordinary work for the formation of personal behaviors that will improve your life dramatically. Your subconscious runs all your systems, David Kohlhagen can show you how to run your subconscious."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic CHRIS ROHLFING

"We would not still be together and married today without David's priceless and expert help. With David's highly professional, insightful and patient assistance we worked through and overcame my husband Dan's marital infidelity, and today we have an even better relationship then we ever had before. I wouldn't have believed it was possible. Thank you, David, forever."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic BARBARA and DAN

"I would never be married right now, to a brilliant, wonderful man, and have our beautiful son if it hadn't been for David. He helped my then steady boyfriend overcome his deep-seated women/commitment/relationship phobia. David has our undying gratitude."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic LYNN

"David Kohlhagen has been a huge help in my recovery from long term substance abuse and badly broken family relationships. After years of work on my recovery, he has managed to take me to a place where for the first time I'm honestly open to the process of self awareness and getting in touch with the 'inner me.' I very much look forward to our sessions and now enjoy the personal growth. After many years of being disconnected and on the surface of relationships, now my life 'holds water.' Thank you, David."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic JOE BRENNAN

"If David wasn't the gifted therapist and healer he is, I'm sure I would never have been able to overcome my overpowering fear of men, and I never would have found the sweet, wonderful partner I have now. We are both eternally grateful to him. My first marriage was a long, horrible experience, though it produced three wonderful, now grown, children. Before I met David I was absolutely certain that it was impossible for me to ever want to be with a man again, and yet today I am happier than I ever could have imagined. It's nothing short of miraculous."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic CATHERINE

"David helped me come to terms with a lifetime of confusion, anxiety and pain in a seemingly effortless way that can only be described as spiritual. All I can say is that he does his work from a very high place, using deep principles and understandings that have always been around. I never imagined that I could feel whole after all the abuse and broken relationships I've been through, but I do and I know that I am. I can't recommend David highly enough."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic VICKY

"I suffered with severe allergies for more than fifty years. I couldn't even go outdoors during the warm months without unendurable discomfort. I was allergic to pollen, mold, dust—you name it—every allergen there is. I had been to the emergency room numerous times in my life, terrified and unable to breathe. In three or four sessions David completely cleared all my allergies, and now there is nowhere I can't go, any time of the year, without fear, in complete comfort. I have remained completely allergy free nine years already."

"After a break of several years, I came back for David's help with some anxiety, control and grieving issues. As a result of his help I have become so much calmer, accepting, and able to let go of things that used to bother me constantly. David, there are no words to tell you how much I appreciate the way you have enabled me to lead a happier, more peaceful life!!!"

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic HELEN

"I had just finished professional school and moved to St. Louis, where I didn't know anyone. Then my younger brother Bobby, who had been seriously ill and disabled his entire life, died. He had been my best—and practically my only—friend throughout grade school and high school. I didn't realize it at the time but being there to care for him and protect him had been my life. He gave me so much, he taught me about love and patience and endurance, and he was so wise and funny. He was a great companion. Even though I knew he would die young, I was never prepared to lose him. When he died my whole world was pulled out from under me. I felt lost, angry, alone and confused. I had no idea how to make sense of my life up till then and I had no idea how to even think about moving forward with my life. It didn't feel like it was my life that I'd been living, and I didn't feel I deserved to be happy or even to have a life after Bobby. I was depressed and angry and confused and afraid. I was grieving and doing almost nothing else. It was almost impossible to focus on work and be productive, or to think about my life. All I thought about was Bobby and how lost and alone I felt."

"After a few months work with David everything was different. I was able to come to a genuine understanding of Bobby's purpose in my life and mine in his. I was able to free myself of my guilt for being healthy and independent, to celebrate and value the time I had with him, reorient my relationship with my parents, and reconnect with my own life and goals. I felt free and whole, and, most amazingly, happy. I never expected to feel that way. I didn't think I was allowed to. I am very grateful to David for giving me my life and for helping me to reach a real understanding of my relationship with my brother, even after his death. I didn't lose Bobby; instead I have established a lifelong connection with my brother that gives me rich and surprising rewards every day, and I'm grateful for all of it."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic EMMA

"I have suffered from crippling and debilitating migraine headaches since childhood. In a single two hour session David achieved what I have to call an 85% improvement in my condition. I was astonished."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic MARTHA

"I quickly lost forty pounds after attending a group teaching seminar David gave. I had no idea the group exercise he did with us would affect me so strongly, but it was very powerful. It definitely touched me deeply in a very positive way. David is clearly a powerful healer."

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic RACHEL

David Kohlhagen - Think Responibly! Branded Graphic THINK RESPONSIBLY!


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