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Tranceformation And
Your Spiritual Evolution

"The only way to know the spiritual is to experience it."
"We all seek connection with the same spiritual source."
"At each moment in time we are in exactly the optimal position to learn each of our spiritual lessons. It is a true gift when our focused consciousness is in tune with this cosmic reality."

Spiritual Experience and Tranceformation

Many people seek help because they are having a spiritual crisis, or a crisis of faith. All people who connect with the existence of a God, Great Spirit, Yahweh, Allah, Divine Creator of the Universe, "Spirit" or "All That Is" believe in the same God or divine entity or presence. They just think about it and experience it differently. Words cannot express the divine; they are too limited. They can only point toward the experience of the spiritual. The finger that points to the moon is not the moon. The only way to know the spiritual is to experience it, and everyone experiences their spiritual life in a unique way.

For many people religion and "spiritual life" is not the same thing. For them the capacity for living spiritually is independent of religion. After all, which came first, spirit or religion, the experience or the words that attempt to describe it? Others are able to find themselves spiritually in Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism, and numerous other faiths. We all seek connection with the same spiritual source: "There is no God but God"; "One truth, many paths."

The desire for spiritual connection and fulfillment is a universal human motivation and it is our deepest human need. The path to spiritual awareness and expression affects, informs, and runs through all aspects of our lives. Like the blueprint and wellspring of the life force contained in the DNA of every seed and every human cell, the spiritual impulse comes from the very center of our being.

Our spiritual self is constantly finding a way to continue developing, unfolding, expressing itself, and manifesting in our lives. The river of our spiritual expression cannot be stopped-it will find a way to fulfill all of its possibilities. It connects directly to our purpose for being here and it is intimately connected with our individual will and volition: we deeply want and need to give it expression in accord with our gifts and with the opportunities afforded us in this lifetime.

Since it works within divine will and purpose-as all things do-the river of our spiritual expression cannot stop, but it can become impeded or blocked by our bad habits. Any deep level distress, pain, and frustration of your spiritual fulfillment and expression is caused by a bad habit that can be released and tranceformed.


Spirit, Spirituality and Divine Nature

Apart from our individual intuitions about it, we know or sense that we have a spiritual nature in part because we unceasingly long for answers to the "big questions."


Who and what am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of existence? What am I supposed to be doing and why? What is my individual path? How do I get on it? What is my purpose? Where am I going? What is divine nature and what is my relationship with it? What does the divine want with me? What does the divine want for me? How can I feel connection with something bigger than myself, including with other people, other creatures, the planet, and the universe? Why does anything matter? What is important and what isn't? What is forever? How can I identify with divine spirit and its purpose for me? How do I find the meaning and significance of my life?

Our spiritual nature is the source of all our energy, our mind, our personality, and our physical characteristics and existence-spirit is the root source of everything. Spirit is the uncreated or non-physical source of the created or physical universe. Spirit is the source of our underlying path, direction, or purpose in life-spirit is the meaning, nature, and purpose in everything: it is the life and the way.

People call spirit our "center" because spirit is thought to come from the middle-or center-of our being. Since everything works in a circle, then every circle-everything-has a center. In Western thinking the center is the "mind;" in Eastern thinking the mind is called the "heart," and that is our center. Contemporary bioenergetics has discovered that more neurobioenergetic activity originates in-and radiates from-our heart than from anywhere else in our body. The heart symbolizes love, and love means "moving toward the center," where pure connection with the universe becomes possible. "That which is most personal is most universal." The center of everything is the heart/mind of the divine. Either heart or mind may be thought of as our spiritual center. The universe itself has a center, or heart, which is positive in nature. We carry on our existence from "inside" that divine center.

Since Mind, Consciousness and Energy underpin the entire physical and subatomic creation, fundamental reality, like subatomic reality, is nonlocal, meaning that it is everywhere at once. Therefore "our" center is really the center, not just of us but of everything. When we connect with our center we are in connection with the center.

Our personal spiritual nature is an inseparable expression of our divine nature and of the divine nature. All is all.

Our spiritual characteristics are manifestations of unmanifested (non-physical) divine or spiritual qualities. The unmanifest or non-physical spirit gives birth to the manifest or physical. The unmanifest or non-physical is the source of both our divine and our physical/human nature. Just as our mind is a metaphor or expression of divine mind, the body is a metaphor or expression of the human mind. (See INTRODUCTION.)

The qualities of our "inner" or "original" spiritual nature are wholly positive in nature. They are the qualities of love, mercy, charity, kindness, inclusion, compassion, connection, creativity, surrender, unity, joy and peace. They are the most powerful force in the universe. They never stop seeking expression in both our "inner" and "outer" life. They are present in everything. They are unstoppable. Like water, they will always find a way to be expressed.

The negative experiences in our life that cause us to feel distressed in so many ways are not caused by spirit. They are all brought about by our free will in the course of exploring all the possibilities of life. The negative habits that result from our explorations are caused by fear, and especially by the fear of loss, that results from a sense of separation from our core spiritual nature, and therefore from our self. These bad habits can be cleared up in order to restore your sense of connection with your indwelling spiritual nature.

When bad habits are cleared from your path you have clarity, you feel whole; you are in a position to recognize and connect with your spiritual nature and your path, purpose, and direction in life.

Bad Habits, Tranceformation and Spiritual Evolution

Our spiritual being and our path are core natural aspects of our being. They are "built in" to what-and who-we are. They are original equipment. When you are distressed and your way is blocked by bad habits, your vision is obscured, your senses and intuition are clogged with pain, confusion, and mental baggage, your windshield is covered with mud, and you are struggling to cope with the obstacles in your road of life-obstacles you cannot even discern (you don't recognize them; you can't see them for what they are). Often your experience is one of surviving and coping, and little else. In this condition it is difficult or impossible to connect with your spiritual self and your spiritual goals.

The processes of Tranceformation are used to clear the obstructing bad habits out of your roadway. When your road is clear your vision is clear: you can see. What you can see is the natural path that is an expression of your personal spiritual existence, experience, and spiritual learning needs. We are each on a unique spiritual path or journey that is guided by the wisdom and wholeness of divine nature. When we are free of the obscuring effects of bad habits we can experience our self as being fully in the present. When we are fully and consciously present we naturally see what and where we are.

Each person's spiritual path has a direction, or naturally unfolding and orderly progression: we are all spiritually evolving. We are here in the classroom of an earthly, three-dimensional experience so that we can learn certain specific lessons that will propel our spiritual development-our spiritual evolution-forward. At each moment in time we are in exactly the optimal position to learn each of our spiritual lessons. It is a true gift when our focused consciousness is in tune with this cosmic reality.

Since divine nature is working patiently with each of us individually, at our own individual pace, essentially we have eternity in which to evolve. And yet, despite the eternal patience of spirit, we feel spiritual pain and confusion for a reason. At such times we feel a strong pushing or pulling forward, as if the river of our spiritual development is backing up and pushing against our humanness, pushing against our psychological defenses, urging us to examine some falsehood, clear some bad habit so we can move forward toward spiritual illumination and freedom, just as divine spirit intended.

For the sake of your spiritual evolution, the baby that represents the next level in your spiritual evolution needs and wants to be born-and you want it to be born. Often people contact David Kohlhagen when they are ready to be "reborn," or break through, develop, and bloom into their next evolutionary level of being. With the help of what might be called a spiritual midwife you can clear away the obstacles from your path and give birth to your next level of spiritual evolution. Then you will move into a greater sense of your spiritual self and purpose.

The divine or spiritual self is always whole. When you get connection-or re-connection-with your spiritual self you will know what spirit knew all along: at your center you are whole, connected, peaceful, and well.

David Kohlhagen is not affiliated with any religion.

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