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Addiction is the behavior pattern (or habit) of using something such that when you can't use it, or when it is not present, you suffer from symptoms of withdrawal due to its absence. Addiction is defined by the withdrawal symptoms that you experience when you do not have access to something that you otherwise depend on or feel that you need, or that you can't live without.

Codependence may be defined as dependence on another person for the purpose of establishing your own sense of identity and worth. You may feel that you need the other person, or it may give you value to know that they need you. Codependence is an example of an addiction, just as is dependence on alcohol, cocaine, heroin, shopping, hoarding, gambling, and many other substances and activities.

Addiction is dependence on things outside of yourself that seem to you to define you, to give you your value, or to make life worth living, and that prevent you from experiencing the negative consequences of doing without the substance, activity, or person. These negative consequences are withdrawal symptoms; they can include pain and discomfort, physical illness, anxiety, loneliness, emptiness, depression, and feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness.


In Force of Habit terminology you are either a source or an addict. If you are an addict, then you may experience yourself as unhappy, miserable, incomplete, empty, sick, abusive, dangerous or dead without your substance, person, or activity of abuse. If you are a source, then you know that you always have value and worth, and you know that if ever you temporarily experience loss of value and worth you can recover it by yourself. When you are a source you know how to take care of yourself, you enjoy your own company, you are not afraid to be alone, you are independent, self sufficient and self reliant; you know that you are whole and complete, and you love and respect yourself. If ever you feel devalued you know how to recover your sense of value without drugs or other substances of abuse and without manipulating other people to stay with you or to depend on you. Anyone can become a source, and in fact everyone already is a source, even though many people don't know that they are. Everyone is fully connected to the source of life itself. You are whole and complete even if you don't realize that you are. If you believe that you are an addict, then you are an addict. Once you realize that you are a source, you will discover what has been true all along.


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