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"As it is on the inside, so it is on the outside."
"The source of the body is the mind."
"Acquired physical, health, and medical problems, conditions, illnesses and disorders are symptoms of unhealthiness and imbalance in the mind."
"Physical conditions of the body are cleared up and balance is restored by restoring balance at their source in the Mind."

Addressing physical symptoms at the physical level does not resolve the cause of the symptom

Your BODY may be thought of as a metaphor for your Mind. In a very real way, your body is in fact the physical expression of your mind. Your minute-by-minute physical condition is directed by your mind-every cell that is created and replaced and every DNA level decision is an act of Mind and consciousness. The source of the body is the mind. Therefore, acquired physical, health, and medical problems, conditions, illnesses and disorders are symptoms of unhealthiness and imbalance in the mind.

Physical symptoms are not source or root causes of their own. They are results, they are consequences: they are signs and signals-they are communication-that comes from the source or cause. A canyon does not cause itself; a canyon is a symptom and a result of a river cutting through rock over a long period of time. Similarly, physical symptoms and conditions are not primary; they are secondary. They are expressions-they are symbols-of imbalanced mental and energy conditions. Getting rid of a symbol does not get rid of what it symbolizes. Getting rid of a flag does not get rid of the country of which the flag is a symbol. Suppressing-or even clearing up or cutting out-physical symptoms on the physical level only, as in non-holistic medical practice, does not clear up the cause of those symptoms. When a symptom is blocked or masked, the imbalanced, unhealthy mental and energy condition at the causal source is still there. And it will continue to express itself as symptoms of one kind or another.

Non-holistic medical and other treatment practices may be described as symptom-chasing. They target and attempt to suppress symptoms. When they achieve their purpose the relief is only temporary. As long as it exists, the source imbalance in the mind and in the body will continue to express itself as another symptom or as a reoccurrence of the original symptom. That is because addressing physical symptoms solely at the physical level does not resolve the cause or source of the symptom. You can scoop as much water as you want out of a sinking rowboat but it will keep right on sinking. Physical conditions of the body-of the physical being-are cleared up and balance is restored by restoring balance at their source in the Mind.

Mind directs the building of your body by activating gene expression

BODY and MIND appear to be two separate aspects of being, two separate existences, two distinct realms, but a rapidly growing number of scientific researchers are referring to these "two" as one. They are calling it the BODYMIND. What does that mean? It means that the body cannot exist without the mind, and that the interrelationship between body and mind is so intimate that it is impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. On the physical level they are inseparable and irreducible; the body cannot be adequately defined and described without reference to the mind.

It will be very useful and empowering for us-particularly in studying and employing Force of Habit and Tranceformation-when we begin to think of the Mind as the source of the Body. It will also be in line with the science of cell biology, epigenetics, the neurosciences, and the physics of the electromagnetic energies that literally cause our physical being to constantly blink in and out of existence right before our eyes-without our even noticing it.

Our genes-our DNA-contain the blueprint for every possible cell of our physical existence. Gene expression is the choice that is made as to which of the many possible types of cells within our vast genetic repertoire will spring to life and be replicated. Every day your mind is creating your body on the cellular level because it is creating it on the genetic level. Minute by minute, one cell at time, your mind is directing the building-and rebuilding-of your body by activating gene expression. Mind then orchestrates the way that they all fit together in the grand and harmonious jigsaw puzzle of our physical existence in such a way that they perform their many unimaginably intricate functions-in unison.

The Source of health in body is health in mind

Though limitations in the shape of our physical existence may be determined by genes and gene expression, we are not slaves to our genetic make-up. Unlike what many people seem to believe, our genes are not time release capsules that inexorably control and determine every detail in the physical course of our life and death. They are also not both blueprint and general contractor. They respond to directions from both the external (social and physical) and internal (mental) environment: they respond to directions from the mind: "…Genes cannot turn themselves on and off" [1].

Your body is a production of your mind. The mind conceives and the body conforms to the nature and quality of those thoughts and mental energy forms. Therefore the key to being well both mentally and physically is the mind. Put another way: as it is on the inside, so it is on the outside. The source of health in body is health in mind.

Furthermore, it is the natural condition of your mind, your body and your spirit to be whole, balanced and healthy and for them to be in harmony with physical and spiritual, divine, or cosmic order. Clearing up unhealthy habits of mind causes the mind and body-the bodymind-to establish or re-establish its default condition of natural balance. When you are in balance you feel whole and healthy. When you feel whole and healthy you are whole and healthy.

[1] Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. (2008). The Biology of Belief. New York: Hay House. xxiv.

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