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I live, work and play in St. Louis, Missouri. I have been a mental health professional for over thirty years. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He is the founder of FORCE OF HABIT and TRANCEFORMATION THERAPY .

I specialize in the rapid clearing of negative effects of traumatic life events, in the resolution of protracted grief and loss and in the clearing of negative habits of every kind. It is negative habits of mind that both create and support our mental and physical health problems. All acquired health and medical problems are symptoms of underlying negative habits of mind: "Heal the mind and the body heals itself."

I provide mind/body healing work, hypnotherapy, individual, marital, and family therapy, coaching of all kinds, and professional training and supervision.

I am presently seeking a publisher for my book, Force of Habit, Get Well and Stay Well by Clearing Up Your Negative Habits of Mind, Body and Spirit. Force of Habit spells out in detail how we acquire negative mental and physical habits, and it describes and demonstrates the processes used to transform habits of all kinds. The book includes a transcript of a twenty minute exercise that has been so effective in helping people shift habits that a number of people attending my speaking engagements have told me they no longer needed to see me because their issue cleared up during the demonstration. A compact disc voice recording-or access to an MP3 recording-of the exercise will be included with the book. Force of Habit also contains a great deal of additional information about the healthy and unhealthy effects of words and language.

I have helped hundreds of people to transform a wide variety of habits and tendencies, including social, emotional, and behavioral habits, traumatic memories and health and medical conditions. I have helped people to attain a greater sense of peace, power and direction in their lives on the emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual level.

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OFFICE LOCATION discussions balloon
8420 Delmar, Suite 501
Saint Louis, Missouri, 63124
(314) 692-0702